Flexible Delineators

Traffic Delineators

Transafe Products offers traffic delineators fit for any project. From IRS curbing and tuff posts to interstate grade curb systems, we’ve got you covered. Other delineator products include: 

  • Handicap parking bollard sign posts
  • In-street pedestrian crossing
  • PX parking lot sign posts
  • SlowStop rebounding bollards
  • Flexible posts with surface mount base
  • Pexco city posts

Transafe has some of the best flexible delineators on the market. We also carry many other traffic control and safety products such as pavement markers, reflective paints, striping equipment, regulatory signs, speed bumps, and more. If you’d like to view a complete list of our products, check out our catalog.

If transportation safety and traffic control is something you need, look no further than Transafe. We have products for airports such as flags and reflective vests, thermo and grinder machines for road workers, Rhino post drivers and pullers, road markers and adhesives, and so much more. If you’re ready to take on the project, we’re ready to supply you with the right materials and tools.