Traffic Markers and Adhesives

Transafe Products carries some of the strongest adhesives and markers available today. Whether you need adhesive pads, bituminous adhesives, epoxy adhesives, or ultrabond adhesives, we’ve got you covered. As for traffic markers, we have reflective markers for safe nighttime driving, guardrail markers, temporary overlay markers, ceramic markers, and more.

After being in the traffic safety and control business for over 30 years, we’ve learned a thing or two about being a trusted traffic control supply company. That’s quality products and excellent customer service. We carry products from well-known manufacturers like 3M, Rhino, Graco, Airstar, and much more. If you’d like to see a full list of our products, check out our catalog.

We’ve worked with many different entities including:

  • DOTs
  • City and county governments
  • Highway general contractors
  • Contractors
  • Utility companies
  • Police and fire departments
  • Airports
  • Homeowner associations

If you need traffic control and safety products, look no further than Transafe. We have products for any kind of transit job. Whether you need road marking equipment, custom signs, or traffic control products, we’ve got it.