Parking Lot Products

Parking Lot Supplies

Transafe Products has everything you need to keep your parking lot safe and orderly. Whether you need speed bumps or humps to control the speed of traffic or parking blocks to properly mark off parking spots, we’ve got it. We also have Gatorflex cold patch so that you can fill potholes and large cracks. Other parking lot supplies include:

  • Chalk
  • Convex mirrors
  • SlowStop rebounding bollards
  • Stencils
  • Striping and marking paint
  • Measuring wheels
  • Paint strainers

Having provided parking lot traffic control solutions for over 30 years, Transafe knows what you need to get your road project done right. Through the years, we’ve learned that quality products and attentive customers service is everything. That’s why we carry products from established brands like 3M, Airstar, Rhino, Graco, and more. For a full view of our products, check out our catalog.

We’ve worked with construction contractors, municipalities, and DOTs all over the US. If traffic control is something you need, look no further than Transafe. We have all kinds of products to keep your parking lots safe. We even have products for airport runways such as flags and glass beads, striping, thermo, and grinder machines, and much more. If you have a transit project, we can supply it.