Road Work Supplies

All equipment that may be required for striping roads, parking lots, or runways can be found in Transafe's extensive catalog. There are always new parking lots that need finishing and striping, and even old ones that need cold patches. Transafe Products really is your source for all things traffic control and transportation safety. From the materials needed to stripe roads, to the machines used to smooth, grind, and remove reflective striping, Transafe has all of your needs covered. 

Traffic Equipment

Transafe Products can allow you to rest easy knowing that you're getting top quality, heavy-duty safety equipment for striping and finishing roads, parking lots, and other areas that need to be marked with reflective materials for higher visibility. We know that safety is the name of the game and that the equipment you use has to be top-notch. That's why we only stock the top of the line models of scarifiers, grinders, balloon lights, portable digital signs, and post drivers available on the market today. Though our catalog does evolve over time, it's only to change out the old with the new and keep you current at all times.