Transafe’s humble beginings began with a vision from BettySue.  She loaded her two kids from Columbus, GA to the big City of Atlanta and began Transafe in a small red metal building.  Her start was driving around in a big yellow truck making sales calls and delivering buckets of traffic paint, we have the picture of her and the yellow truck framed in our office today.   Vacations with the kids were centered around ITE meetings, public work meetings or sales calls in a new town.  Her hard work and sacrifices then, has brought us the success we at Transafe have today.

Transafe’s operations moved into it’s current home in 1990.  In the beginning we kept our product line simple with traffic paint, markers and a few other items.  However, being a distributor in an ever-changing industry our product lines tend to change with the market. Today we represent over 20 different product lines.  Though traffic paint, beads, markers and thermoplastic are still our number one products.  We strive to offer the most innovative and high quality products in our industry. 

Customer service has always been a very instrumental piece to make a business successful to BettySue.  From the small striper starting out to the State DOT offices we consider them all an intricate part of our business. BettySue’s vision to make her family proud of Transafe has come to fruition and we pride ourselves on being a family business that offers a friendly family feel with top notch customer service.


To our loyal customers, Thank you for your continued business and for those of you that are new to the Transafe family, we welcome you.