Silent Messenger III

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Mid-Sized Message Board

Available in either Vehicle Mount, Lift & Rotate or Standard Trailer Mount.

Vehicle Mount Message Board 3

Vehicle Mount shown above
Trailer Mount also available:

Life & Rotate TrailerMB3-Folded-sideview







Details for Standard Trailer

Panel Size 78″ x 46″ (198 cm x 117 cm) –
27 x 48 pixels 1.5 in. (3.8 cm) pitch
Solar Array 160 watts
Batteries Two (2) 6-volt heavy-duty, deep-cycle (GC-2)
Battery Charger 45 amp output (115 VAC 50/60 Hz input)
Height (transporting position) 92″ (234cm)
Height (operating position) 142″ (360cm)
Weight 1,560 lbs (min) – 1,960 lbs (max)
Warranty 5 Year Bumper-to-Bumper
Available Options and Upgrades
Mega-Flux Display 60 degree viewing angle
Brakes Hydraulic Surge (5,000 lb. capacity) or Electric
Batteries Four (4), six (6) or eight (8) Lead-Acid (flooded) or two (2), four (4), six (6) or eight (8) Gel-Cell maintenance-free
Solar Array 240 watts, 320 watts
Remote Control Cellular wireless modem with GPS
Radar Speed Detection MPH or KPH


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