Rhino HPD 60 Driver

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Rhino® HPD 60

The Rhino® HPD 60 is a high-performance hydraulic post driver is perfect for fencing, road signs, farm, ranch, forestry, vineyards, guardrail, anchors, tent stakes – essentially any driving job. Capable of driving nearly any post profile, this driver is a hydraulic powerhouse! For taller applications utilize the remote valve.

Unlike other hydraulic drivers the RHINO® HPD 60 is nearly maintenance free. Continuous component lubrication keeps maintenance at a minimum and extends tool life.

The RHINO® HPD 60 can be used with the HPP 13 or HPP 18V Power Packs as well as other hydraulic power systems power systems such as utility truck or mini excavator with the use of Rhino’s flow control devices.


Accessory Order #
2-1/2″ Square Chuck 801012
2-1/2″ Chuck-Lok™ w/Locking Nut 801018
1″ Chuck-Lok™ Adapter 300900
1-3/4″ Chuck-Lok™ Adapter 300895
2″ Chuck-Lok™ Adapter 300902
2-3/8″ Round Chuck 801017
3-1/8″ Round Chuck 801019
Oil Flow Diverter 801005
Extension Hose (20″‘) 801226
Extension Hose (33′) 801227
Remote Valve 801011
HPP 13 Power Pack 801213
HPP 18V Power Pack 801214

Additional information

Part No.



64 lbs

Length (w/o Chuck)

24 in

Oil flow

8 gpm

Working pressure

1750 psi

Max. return pressure

220 psi

Blow frequency

1380 bpm

Blow energy

70 lb/ft

Vibration level (3 axis)

<9.6 m/s²

Post size max. dia.

3-3/4 in


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