Temporary Overlay Marker

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Temporary Overlay Markers

Work Zones create hazardous driving conditions for drivers. Each year thousands of people are killed in work zone related accidents. Improved road markings and safe application methods hold the promise of improved safety and reduced accidents.

TOMs are the most effective and convenient product on the market to provide short-term pavement markings that work effectively both day and night. They are simple to place and easy to remove. They are durable enough for use on any road, from low volume to interstate highways.

TOM markers can be installed in just seconds by one worker without the need of additional equipment. TOMs effectively simulate solid lines both day and night, and eliminate the need for expensive temporary striping.

TOMs are manufactured with virgin engineering resins and the best retro-reflective tapes and adhesives. They are built tough to stand up to the demands of construction work zones. They are manufactured and stocked in two standard colors – white and yellow – and can be made reflective on one or both sides. All TOMs feature a factory-applied high tack butyl adhesive pad, that provides for quick “stick-and-stomp” installation.


Key features of TOMs:

  • Improves safety, provides effective lane line delineation
  • Polyurethane marker body for toughness and durability
  • Highly visible both day and night
  • Installation takes only seconds
  • Standard colors: white and yellow


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