Striping Paint

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“From warehouse aisles to parking lots, when vibrant, crisp lines are required, Aerosol striping products provide great results with easy application in a variety of striping machines. They are fast drying and highly pigmented for high-hide, one-coat coverage. Solvent-based striping paint adheres to a variety of surfaces, including asphalt and concrete. Not recommended for turf surfaces.

• Fast drying – 5 minutes to touch
• Durable, long-lasting stripe
• High-visibility colors
• VOC compliant and lead-free
• Non-clogging spray tip
• Excellent resistance to traffic, oil and gasoline
• One case of aerosol paint will yield a 4-inch stripe approximately 700 linear feet

• Asphalt black available to correct mistakes or cover existing lines. These no-lead formulas are versatile and economical for small size jobs. • Apply aerosols using a vers-a-striper or marking stick”