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TRAFFIC CONE-28″ – Reflective
Revolutionary Quality
If you think all traffic cones are alike, you haven’t seen the all-new Revolution traffic cone series. The Revolution series is a line of innovative, high quality, cost effective products, featuring our patented Circle Interlocking System and Leveling Differential Mechanism, delivering outstanding performance under the harshest conditions.
Superior quality, competitively priced
The Revolution series will change the way you think about traffic cones. If you want a product that is superior in quality, yet competitively priced, look no further than the Revolution series.
3M 3840 Hi-Intensity Cone collar
We use 3M 3840 hi-intensity reflective cone collars, complementing the high quality of the Revolution series. By pre-applying 3M 3840 collars on all JBC night cones, we have created a cone with outstanding durability and superior night-time safety.
PVC injection molding technology
The Revolution series is quality manufactured using premium grade PVC Injection molding technology, resulting in the most durable traffic cones available in the U.S. market. Our patented process gives you the best of both worlds—high quality products, at a very attractive price.

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