Type III Barricade

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BARRICADE TP III – 8′ HI All Plastic with Hardware
MUTCD-Compliant. NCHRP-350 Certified.
Anchor Mast offers more useful and effective features than any other Type III Barricade. We’re not talking about incidentals, that most users perceive as of little value, but important, fundamental features that really benefit the user, and protect the driving public.
Anchor Mast Type III Barricade System is made of 3 components:  Anchor Mast Upright, Anchor Base, and Wave Centerboard Panel.  Each component is designed as part of a system; each complements the other.  All 3 components are blow-molded from high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic with UV inhibitors, for longer life and durability.
Most importantly, our Anchor Mast system saves assembly and installation time for the user.  Flags and Lights sold seperatley.
Transafe supplies a variety of Type III Barricades including but not limited too wooden boards, angle iron legs, Telespar legs.