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Standard Non-Hinged Guardrail Reflectors

Standard, non-hinged guardrail reflectors are widely used for either top or side mount delineation of guardrails.

Standard guardrail reflectors come in five different styles to meet a variety of needs:

  • Butterfly Bolt-on – traditional bolt-on trapezoidal reflector mounts inside W-beam rail
  • Butterfly Glue-on – can be adhesively mounted anywhere along a length of guardrail
  • Fat Cat – an oversized post-mounted reflector
  • FG 527 – our most popular 27″ tall unit to match the height of roadside delineator posts
  • FG 427 – a double curved 27″ tall unit to match the height of roadside delineator posts
  • All of these models are available in a variety of reflective sheetings to comply with local specifications

Key Features of Guardrail Reflectors:

  • UV-stabilized polymers for long life in both work zone and permanent installations
  • Guardrail reflectors can be either adhesively or bolt mounted
  • Guardrail reflectors are available in 3 grades of reflective sheeting: ¬†AR 1000, Diamond GradInventorye and Flexible High Intensity


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